By Colleen

Sonnet and Alex are decidedly better at playing with the concepts of #MenswearMonday than I am (and I hope to see future posts by both of them on this topic!), but it is definitely outside of my comfort zone so I like to join in the fun sometimes. As my usual teaching outfit consists of a dress with a cardigan, tights, scarf (depending on season), and Mary Janes even something as simple as wearing pants for the day is not part of my usual teaching persona.

My menswear outfit consists of navy tuxedo pants with a thick black running stripe, navy button up with medium white polka dots, a navy blazer with small white polka dots, a black lace T-shirt worn as a sweater vest over the shirt, blue and violet scarf from Turkey, and black high-heeled Doc Martin booties.

But I think it’s important to still be yourself when trying a new trend, so my idea of “menswear” is still decidedly feminine–maybe more Katherine Hepburn or Faye Dunaway in Network–rather than any real playing with gender representations, and it has a retro feel although none of these pieces are vintage or vintage-inspired.

My style, for the last few years at least, has been heavily inspired by late 1950’s and early 1960’s fashions, and even my menswear approach has that feel. Lots of polka dots will do that for an outfit. A nod towards 1950’s waves and a muted red lip adds to the polka dots.

The tuxedo pants, blazer, and shirt could all become much more authentically menswear inspired, but I like to keep adding the polka dots for a feminine take. I also love mixing navy and black (I do this often with tights and boot combinations, too).


meswear monday

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