By Alex

Valentine’s Day is not everyone’s cup of tea. It happens to be one of my all-time favorite holidays–you can read my impassioned defense here (tl;dr crafts, food, friends, clothes). A love of thematic dressing is something shared here at Sartorial Scholars, whether keyed into our teaching, like Colleen’s Royal ‘Fit post today, or full weeks of some motif.

Here I’ve rounded up my Valentine Week looks from the past two years, with emphasis on elements I especially loved. As you can see, I pulled out the pinks/reds/purples/maroons in my wardrobe and layered them up. Most of these days I taught or was in meetings–I took it as an opportunity to play with color and mix-and-match but stay within styles and silhouettes that fit me and my lifestyle.

I know this is a little late in the week, but I encourage you to play with some aspect of V-day as you are out and about the next few days! If you have a date, you might check out Tiffany’s post! If you don’t, no worries–Your delightfulness and worth are not tied to your relationship status! But to me they are tied to whether you engage in thematic dressing…JK!  If you do happen to dress up for Valentine’s, tag us on Instagram with #sartorialscholarsVday so we can see!







BONUS! Sonnet and I had matching (ish) nails last year, too!