by Cindy

I’m going to a “singles party” (gross) tonight—what might be one of my worst decisions ever, since I have to wake up before the sun comes up tomorrow. But since it’s a party about being single on VDay (double eugh; who cares even), I’ve donned the traditional black (mourning? goth? No really, who cares? I have no problem with the holiday, cf. Alex’s post, I just like black). Today’s look is more about feeling good about myself than it is about going out. I’m feeling it.

But this outfit is special because it’s made up of items I’ve bought here, which makes me feel like I’ve obtained some form of residency beyond just having my residence card. H&M fitted crop top, Zara mini skirt, Veritas black wool tights, and Bocage laced booties. Bonus shoes and (exhausted) face pics below.