Today’s outfit is what I call sporty urban hiking/market run. I decided to walk along Belgrade’s waterfront (just two blocks from my flat), and do a giant circle back to Zeleni Venac to grab some much-needed groceries.

Inspired by Alex, I decided to do V-Day colors today.

For those who don’t know Belgrade’s geography, you can find a map here. My route took me past Kalemegdan (the Fortress), around the Danuv (Danube) waterfront, up through Dorćol, through Trg Republike, over to Zeleni Venac, and back to Sava Mala.

It was around 13 C today (55 F- for Cindy), and most folks walking the river path were hella bundled. Belgradians like to stay warm, and I have realized that I am starting to assimilate because I dressed for 4C/40F.

Applying the lessons I learned living in the SF Bay Area for many years, I layered up with Target long underwear, bamboo leggings, an H&M men’s jersey Henley shirt (I have like 5 of these in different colors- comfiest shirt EVER), my Forever 21 Yes/No hoodie, and a vintage flannel I found at the Volunteers of America Thrift Shop years ago in Columbus, OH. I also wore my Nike T4 cross trainers in order to justify wearing a hoodie in public (which I don’t usually do, but I was on the runner track, so I might as well look  like I’m into sporty fashion, right?) I also carried the Portland bag that I got from my ex (a P-town native and yes, they do exist) from Powell’s Books.



Makeup free, because it’s Saturday, and I generally try to give my face at least one day off a week. Y’all are getting a treat! Sonnet sans makeup!

I also didn’t do my hair, and I haven’t showered in almost three days in today’s “look,” because I am sometimes a gross graduate student. (Also because my hot water was turned off while I was away in Belgium, and it hadn’t warmed up yet when I was getting ready.)

(Houndstooth scarf from Target circa 2013).


Walking/shopping soundtrack provided by J Cole (No Role Modelz),  Kevin Gates (whole Album), Metric (Satellite Mind), Rihanna (Sex with Me), Miguel (Waves), and the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack (1996).

All in all, it was a beautiful walk and I was very warm. Here are some of the pretty pics I took because Belgrade is lovely.

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