I tried to pull an Alex and look extra cute today for Valentine’s Day. I get to see/talk to all of my favorite folks back in the states, so I did a full face and wore my hair natural.

In addition to being a dutiful daughter/girlfriend/friend, I went to church today. Well, I walked to San Sava Temple. It’s a nice hike from my flat, plus it is beautiful. Did I mention the weather today was 18C/66F? Suck it Midwest, USA! We win weather today!

IMG_0791For my makeup I was going for a fresh pink look to go with my red blouse. I mean, it is Valentine’s Day afterall.

Full face includes (in order of application) Benefit’s Erase paste (1), Smashbox Contour kit, Urban Decay’s Naked 3 and Electric (Savage and Jilted), Kat Von D liquid eye liner, Dior mascara, Nars blush (in Desire), and NYX brow powder (medium). The lips are Revlon (Stormy Pink Matte 001) and some weird  lipgloss that I thought was coverup at first. Hair is natural, but I used Deva Curl Cream and light gel last night prior to going to sleep.

I should note that I am using my mother’s definition of “went to church,” which means I stepped foot onto private church property. I feel the need to make that disclaimer as those who know me would most likely be shocked to hear that I actually attended a religious service today. (My mother included- sorry mom!)

San Sava Church selfie- See Mom? I went to church!!