By Colleen

Recently, Simon Frasier University created this helpful PSA to remind faculty members to dress warm, turn down the thermostat, save university resources, conserve energy, and turn on bros named Chad, all while dressing warmly and fashionably. 

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Since this is a fashion blog, I’ve rounded up some super cute pink sweaters for you, so you look confident while saying:

“I may have a PhD in Women’s Studies and an MA in Philosophy, but I hope to earn my MRS degree with Chad, the C- engineering student, soon!”

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The asymmetrical neckline of this sweater is reminiscent of the lopsided hiring practices in the STEM fields.  Worried that despite your advanced degree in chemistry and your competitive research postdoc, that you are less likely to be hired than your male colleagues?  You may have better luck landing that tenure track position when the hiring committee sees the hand stitched work of this Cabled Vines Pullover. It’s also a thick knit, but not too thick under a lab coat. (Anthropologie, $148)


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The  pointelle pullover sweater available in coral reef from the GAP has beautiful lace-detail sleeves. At less than $50, this stunning sweater is a steal! Even for women academics earning on average $10,000 less per year than their male colleagues! (GAP, $49.95)



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Career Killer Cardi in Devi Pink

For junior faculty members who are also mothers, you may be overcome by the cuteness of the matching Baby GAP. Clarification: I do not mean the adorable pointelle button cardigan in Devi Pink (Baby GAP, $29.95) that will look darling on your “career killer,” but rather the precious “baby gap” or “baby penalty,” the tendency for men–whether or not they have children–and childless women academics to achieve tenure at far greater numbers than their colleagues who are mothers. (Baby GAP $29.95)



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Brilliant. Awesome. Smart. AND attractive. Let the students and tenure committee evaluate you that

Bossy or Brilliant? Annoying or Awesome? Attractive or smart? In evaluations, students consistently rate their male profs higher and use negative adjectives while describing female profs. And students love to judge us lady profs by our sartorial savvy! How can you avoid such gender bias? Borrow from the boys! Grab this Men’s pink wool pullover from H&M to dress like one of those “brilliant, awesome, smart” male professors! (H&M, Men’s Wool-blend sweater, $19.99)


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 10.40.39 PMThis beautiful cardigan will keep you cozy when you spend so much time in your office acting as an emergency therapist.  As a female faculty member, and especially if you are a woman of color, you will do a lot of invisible, acknowledged, and uncompensated “care-work” as students and fellow faculty members will come into the office to ask for personal and career-based advice. This cute cardi says, “I am totally approachable” and “Please, sit down and tell me everything.”  (J. Jill, Petite Everyday Cardigan in Papaya, $49.99)



Chad, the barely passing engineering student, approves. 

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