By Alex

On Saturday night I went out with some dear dude friends for dinner and then to a bar where a friend was DJing. It was “feels like 5º” so I needed to bundle up.

I went monochrome(ish) in V-day colors (slash Marsala, which I know, I know is SO last year). I wore pants from Old Navy that are synthetic but wool-like, a cashmere sweater my grandparents gave me in high school, silk shirt from Coldwater Creek, and vintage belt and jewelry. This style of earrings/pin were really popular in their day, so you can find them on Etsy, like these sets or the exact earrings. And of course, shearling snow boots from L.L.Bean.

The elbow patches on the sweater are an addition–about 4 years ago I realized I wasn’t wearing the sweater because it was so plain, but it’s really nice quality. So I made it these sequined elbow patches. There are probably 100 better ways to have done it, but I hand sewed each individual sequin onto a patch made from old black jeans! Here’s a more sensible tutorial from a fave blogger, A Pair and a Spare.

I got down to just my ‘undershirt,’ left, when we ended up dancing later.

Since the outfit has a bit of a ‘masculine’ look–pants, collared shirt, streamlined, etc. I wanted to do something sleek but fun and ‘feminine’ (hashtag gender is a construction) for my hair. I also wanted to bring the Valentine’s theme forward. And so…a low bow bun! It was the first time I tried it and I need to work on it a little, and because of my hair color it’s hard to see, but I liked it a lot! Definitely needs hairspray, which I forgot, even though I followed this tutorial.



I didn’t actually wear this hat but it was too perfect for the outfit to not put on at least while taking pictures! Also, this hat and the belt I wore have the same origin: a family friend of my husband gave them to me after I complimented her on them at the synagogue! Took them right off and told me to enjoy!

I used Inglot’s famous 77 gel liner, and my lips are a Nyx matte regular lippy.

I was inspired in the lines of this look and the makeup by the glorious character Sara Ortega in the Spanish 50s drama Velvet, but it wasn’t til I was looking for pics I remembered she actually had a similarly monochromatic outfit, below! (the show has great fashion, and the first two seasons are on Netflix!)