There’s an ongoing joke between me and some of my friends from the States that most folks think that Serbia is the same place as Siberia. It’s not. When I tell people in the U.S. (or even in Belgium, as happened last week),  that I live here, I usually get “WOW! Must be cold up there!” or “How are you staying warm?!?” or “Hope you’ve got a good set of boots and a parka.” Thus, this post brings me great joy, because guess what my geographically-challenged friends, IT’S SPRING IN SERBIA!

That’s right y’all, all week it has been in the mid teens C/60sF. Today I conducted an interview in Kalemegdan, the ancient fortress in Stari Grad (Old City). Here are some pre/post-interview pics. Did I mention it is SUPER warm?? #spoiled #IdontliveinSiberia #SerbiaIsPartoftheBalkanPeninsula

Hair and makeup are as natural as possible (with an exception of eyeliner and mascara), because I am lazy, it is windy outside, and I’m feeling overly femme with this long shirt/dress.

About to depart

I feel the need to do a little disclaimer about the asymmetrical earring sitch. I have gauged ears, and my right ear hole keeps shrinking, so I’m trying to weigh it down to be the same size with my left ear. I bet y’all didn’t know/want to know about my skin anatomy, but you’re welcome.

Silk scarf from Istanbul
I found the sunglasses in a cupboard in my flat.