By Alex

Here’s my Tuesday look–this semester I’m TAing in a Writing for Dance class, which is really interesting for a lot of reasons, including that I’m assisting not teaching, and that it’s a totally new class for me. Anyway, since I’m not actually in front/in charge, I sometimes dress a little more casual than I generally do when teaching.

Apparently this marsala/maroon/burgundy/wine is my color this winter! I also have a new sweater dress in a similar shade, and I wore a similar look Saturday (insert scream face emoji! repeat-ish outfits! I once really thought like that, but now if I find something that works, I don’t mind sticking with it [although generally not with the same people].)


This crazy sweater was my dad’s, and has been my sister’s/mine since approx. 1995 (when he removed it from his closet) although I didn’t have it actually in my wardrobe until grad school. It’s thick cotton (wasn’t so cold today), long, and has giant sleeves–both length and volume. I’ve thought about taking the arms in but haven’t…almost seems sacrilegious for some reason!

My mom got this “amethyst” ring in a cereal box as a kid!

Same pants, belt and boots as Saturday’s look, but I went with blue/purple jewelry and a bright nude lip. And of course, my topknot, which is my default.

Screenshot 2016-02-17 00.49.31.png
Look at the texture on this!


At one time it would have even pained me to admit this, but I did another similar look about a year ago with a wool skirt from J.Crew, dark lips, and matching tights (below). My accessories then (right) were subtly contrasting: a spring-like robins egg blue in my bracelet, watch, and vintage rhinestone earrings. And I had this mani, inspired by Sonnet, that is a favorite and probably coming up in the rotation again soon. It’s a take on a French manicure: nude all over with varied bright color tips.