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For my dear friends outside of academia, you might not know this, but it is conference paper proposal season for feminist scholars. It also happens to be mid-terms for our students. Thus, most of my time this week has been spent writing about things I hope to talk about and/or grading. As I’ve mentioned before, we grad students get into little ruts of not wanting to put on pants, nor leave the house.

Today the only thing that got me motivated to go get some desperately needed groceries was the anticipation of getting dressed and taking pictures of myself in comfy chic attire for Sartorial Scholars.

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Shirt is one of those H&M men t’s, statement necklace from Zara, skirt from TopShop, leggings are from my mom (I think the Loft?), and shoes are my go-to Dr Martens Chelsea boots. Hair is weird bc it is wet, and makeup is minimal- Erase Paste (1) because I am old and a light sleeper, Kat VonD Tattoo Liner and Milani matte in “Flirty” (71), which I highly recommend for drug store matte lipstick that moisturizes and stays put.

IMG_0990 (1)
I filtered the fuck out of this pic bc I want to prove to Alex that I can do it. Also, I wanted to feature my favorite bookcase in my flat.


I mean, look at my work station at home. Would you want to leave this lovely set up?