Soundtrack by hometown homies Busman’s Holiday (original 1959)

Colleen let us know she was wearing blue this week given her ‘blues’ around a rough schedule of student conferences. In solidarity and celebration of her living til Friday, I picked this cobalt-and-black sweater dress, with Chucks and cobalt coat made possible by unseasonable temps here in Columbus.


But it was actually a very blue week all around! Cindy donned Blue and White in support of KAA Gent futbol team, and Taneem’s winter uniform had a lovely blue hue, too. We live in five different cities in three different countries, but look what the magic of photoediting can do! (I really like the Layout app, if you’re looking for one… #notsponsored)

Cobalt Cuties L to R: Cindy, Colleen, Taneem


Sonnet and I also blue other parts of our bodies: she with a gorgeous nail polish, and me with mascara. I’m sorry this pic is so scary close, but I reeaaaalllllly wanted to show you all, and honestly I don’t think anyone at a normal distance can tell when I wear it!

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This was a big week for us! Thanks to our contributors, new readers, Facebook sharers, and social media followers. We hope your week was the good kind of blue–happy weekend!

Tobias really is Mr. Blue…