Today I took a long walk in temperate-to-balmy Belgrade weather to the train station. The smog was especially wretched, and the sun was hidden behind gray clouds. I coughed the entire way to the train station. I felt like I was in London in the 1950s– long before we knew about particulate matter, ozone layer depletion, and how air pollution creates devastating public health outcomes. I dressed accordingly.

Yesterday all I did was work on and post a blog and grade papers (read: no makeup/no outfit), so today I decided to do a proper face. I wore my trademark Urban Decay Anarchy lippy, because I desperately needed a pop of color. I also did my go to cat eyeliner/strong brow/pseudo contrast/cover up/blush (all of which you can find out about in prior #OOTD posts of mine).


Black turtleneck from Koton (Turkish fashion company), navy jeans skinny from Forever 21, silver loafers aka BEST FRIEND SHOES (Cindy and I have the same pair) from Zara, and a vintage turquoise and silver ring that my ex gave me (not sure what the protocol is for returning fabulous jewelry, so I kept it).

Final layer is a heather Zara mock turtleneck, Michael Kors leather motorcycle jacket, and a H & M men’s beanie. My hair is too much in this humidity, so I wore it up.