Guest writer Alex F. continues our OOTD theme of Menswear Monday by sharing his vibrant and professional teaching outfit, all on a budget!

by Alex

I look somewhat young in the face, so instead of a more relaxed outfit like my colleagues usually wear, I like to dress up rather than down when I teach. This helps me create a definite contrast between how I look and how my students look. It can be a little tricky to have a dressier wardrobe that doesn’t look shoddy when you’re on a graduate student’s income, especially in my case as I support both myself and my partner on my TA stipend. Today I’m wearing:

Non-descript undershirt (~$10)
Uniqlo Dark Jean Shirt (~$15 on sale, from Japan)
Purple Levi’s 5’11 Pants (~$40 on sale)
Red Necktie (~$10, from Japan)
Adidas Sneakers (~$30 on sale)

This look goes well with both dark dress shoes and colorful sneakers. I own about 10 other similar-fitting shirts in different colors and patterns, so by swapping out a shirt and tie, I can create a number of different looks with minimal investment.

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Alex F. is a graduate student and soon-to-be professor of Japanese Studies. He is finishing his dissertation on the history of Japanese, and enjoys spending time with his husband Josh and their two kitties, Strudel and Pretzel.