By Alex

When I saw Colleen’s Thursday outfit from last week’s “I’ve got the Student Conference Blues” I thought–I have everything to do this exact outfit! So, today when I woke up with no idea what to wear to my first ever student conferences (only 10 min each! intense but cool–another set on Thursday) I thought, why not?

Afterall, Colleen is both hashtag rolemodel and seriously a role model–I hope my husband and I can be half as wonderful to each other and others as Colleen and her husband. An amazing part of grad school is meeting people who are from a huge range of backgrounds and ages. I love being a mentor for others, but I also love having friends who are ahead of me in their life and/or career timelines, and the other Sartorial Scholars are major #goals for me. SO. If dressing is partly being what you want to be, who better than Colleen?


This shirt is vintage from the 80s doing some other decade, it’s got puffy sleeves! (Target version CK’s wearing). My velour jacket is from Target approx. 9 years ago, and my jeans are high waisted (but not enough) from Old Navy!

image I thought the bow of the shirt was perfect for wearing these new earrings! I love these little bows SO much, they’re vintage screw backs from etsy–they popped up as ‘recommended’ and I bought them instantly! ($14!) Inspired by the bow-ness and bronzey/brassiness, I put on the little bronze bow ring I made and popped on a handful of rings for a “ringstack” or #ringparty. Except for the gold ones on my ring finger, which were my gma’s, I made these ringparty guests. (Realizing now that my ‘love’ ring on the index finger wasn’t turned towards the camera…whoops!)

P.S. I know (from CK) that this kind of floppy bow is called a “pussy bow.” You can read a little bit about its history, famous wearers, and who’s designing with it right now on this great blog. While the style is for women’s clothing, it’s most likely the name comes from the bows tied around kittens, not from the presumed genitalia of those wearing it. (Jezebel–you know what’s really feminist? Research!) If you want to know more about the multivalent development of the use of ‘pussy,’ try this Lexicon Valley podcast.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.24.53 AM.png
Sarasota Herald-Tribune8 Nov 1934. Via Wikipedia. The pattern was ¢15!