By Colleen

It’s that dreary point at the end of February, when the stubborn bits of snow are blackened and crunchy, instead of pristine, white diamonds, and everything–the sky, the grass, the concrete, the building, the people, the trees–looks dogged and ashy. I have one more week until Spring Break, and I feel rundown by these migraine colored days. And so, instead of wearing lots of brights, I embraced the Grey.

This whole outfit is about comfort but while trying to look somewhat put together when I just really want to stay in bed until Spring Break. That the dress and tights are both heather grey plays with the concept of wearing sweats to work. 

Last semester, I taught The Odyssey and wore lots of grey, inspired by the hero’s protective goddess “grey-eyed” or “bright-eyed” Athena. Today, I taught a little on the Reformation and the issues of succession after Henry VIII’s death. I am feeling a bit more Lady Jane Grey than Athena, unfortunately.

Outfit Specs: Dress, Shoes, Tights, Headband, Necklace, and Earrings are all from Target.  Scarf was a bridesmaid gift. 

I love the dress because 1. It has pockets, 2. It’s so comfortable. Really. It’s like I’m wearing sweats, but I still kind of look like an adult. 3. The waist is nipped with at the banded waistline, and the pockets exaggerate the hips, creating a little more of a Joan Holloway silhouette (but in heather grey, rather than her jewel tones). 4. The neckline scoops but still feels high enough for work. 5. It’s so comfy. I cannot say that enough. 6. It looks great with my bright orange peacoat. 7. I can go monochromatic, like today, or wear bright pumps, bright stockings, and any loud accessories.

SOTD: Decadence by Marc Jacobs. It still smells like a deep plum color to me (not the fruit, but the color).

The Hair: This is one of my go-to hairstyles when it’s the night to wash it, and I don’t want to spend much time fixing it. Step one: tease the crown and style the fringe. Step two: put on headband. Step three: pin everything else back into whatever shape it’s going to be. Just embrace it. Today, that meant making a ponytail and pinning parts to create a messy, messy bun. 


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