The night before I left for a writing retreat in Budapest, I watched my favorite Bob’s Burgers episode about a train ride (which also happens to be the only episode about a train to date). Thus, my  travel outfit is partly inspired by Gene Belcher’s fashion- denim and burgundy.

I went for comfort and classy old lady for the trip. Our Air bnb was advertised as a “renovated mansion owned built by the Habsburg,” so I I knew gold had to be a part of the ensemble too.



Since I woke up at 5:00am to catch my daybreak train, I did not manage to take a full length selfie until the end of the day. So we’ll start with train selfies and go from there.

My dad’s old denim shirt (Banana Republic circa 1992), Zara draped wrap sleeveless shirt, and Macbook (not shown, draft 1 of my second dissertation chapter).

Arriving at the Budapest train station. Zara scarf and cotton jacket.

Once I arrived I was immediately floored by the Habsburg-inspired “old world” architecture and furniture. I was also excited to get to wear my Mango sunglasses, which haven’t gotten much use this winter.

Finally arrived at the Air B&B and the place exceeded our expectations. Here’s a pic from our IG post.

Arriving at our place. (Shout out to Cindy and Marivic!)

A full shot of the outfit after I arrived. Burgundy pants/treggings are from Terranova, and my gold boots are from Bocage.


There are many more posts to come about our writing retreat, ladycation, and the wonders and fashion of Budapest. (Plus ALLLL THE COFFEE. Again, shout out to Cindy.) I consider this part 1 of a long series!

* Many English-travel language blogs caution riders from traveling this route alone, which is absurd. I was completely fine. The trip was uneventful at best (with the one exception being a teenage manspreader on the short leg from Belgrade to Novi Sad).