By Alex

I have the flu, or something (not mono, says doc! YAY). I absolutely did not want to leave the bed but I had the second half of student conferences to get to (and an appt at the health clinic). So I went with my current go-to aesthetic, which I call #pajamaswhenpossible. I’ll do a separate post soon, but basically it’s wearing what feels like pajamas but looks like adult clothes–see Taneem’s “bag wear.”

Unlike Tuesday, where I purposefully matched Colleen, I accidentally matched her comfort level, color scheme, and hairstyle for today!

Do you like my new poses? Trying to emulate Sonnet/show you the sweater’s side slits.

I’m wearing leggings from Old Navy, which I got in December (my first pair as an adult!) and have been wearing a lot. My sweater was a gift from my sister, the Master of perfect grey sweaters (in my byline pic, too!). To make things slightly interesting, and in line with my paper-revising student meetings, I’m wearing my micro-collection of vintage school-y pins. There’s another apple that lost its pin, sadly.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 11.51.22 PM.png
Close clean pic from Etsy, where you can get one!

I don’t know if the Miss Smarty pin, from the inimitable Mary Engelbreit is ‘technically’ vintage, since it was given to me new, but that was in 1996, which is now 20 years ago. My parents often called me “Little Miss Smarty Pants” growing up, and they also gave me a Miss Smarty watch, with a beautiful dusty rose microsuede band. I’m very lucky to have been encouraged in my intelligence and curiosity–as we know, not all girls (or kids broadly) are.


And now, to bed! I’m back up to a 100º fever so tomorrow is probably a literally pajamas day. What do you all do when you’re feeling under the weather? Dress up to push through? Lean in to it and show everyone how crappy you feel? Leave a comment!