By Cindy and Sonnet

Sonnet (L), Cindy (R)

Cindy Speaking

Post-travel exhaustion is real. I actually was feeling really energetic for some mundane work yesterday, but nine hours in a stressful environment without having had proper time to readjust is rough. A six p.m. shower (also known as the next best thing to a six p.m. bath) didn’t help, so I projected my beaten down feelings in Black & Blue.

the specs: Forever XXI dress (they use Roman numerals to project adult), Uniqlo blue tights, and silver Keds, totally chosen because they don’t anger my gaping wound blister on the back of my foot (turns out breaking in new shoes and running 20 miles a week doesn’t really do wonders for your feet).

This is Sonnet now

I agree with Cindy. For those of you who don’t know, Cindy and I are expats. She lives in Belgium and I live in Serbia. We got to spend a week together in Budapest, Hungary this past week, and both got home on Friday night. I had a party to go to Saturday night, and it took all my energy to get ready and go out. If it hadn’t been a good friend’s gig, I would have totally bailed, because I was NOT feelin it. (It being leaving my house.)

I think there’s also something to be said about spending a week with one of your favorite humans and then returning to an empty house and in a place that is your home, but not your home. I miss my corgis, Angus and Gracie, and my peeps. Seeing Cindy was great, but it was also a reminder that we live very far apart.  The emotional ride of being reunited and separated with one of your people takes its toll.

I channeled my emotional and physical exhaustion into wearing my pajama shirt out to this fancy party. Yup, I wore an old sweater-turned-pj shirt out last night. It has bleach and food stains on it, but not in a hip distressed way. More in an “I am going to put very little effort into looking cute tonight,” way. I wore some old fishnets I found in my suitcase to give the outfit a little zazz, but I have to admit, I felt a little mid-2000s in them.  I don’t think I’ll do that look again. The tights made me feel a bit dated. I would have changed, but again, this was minimal effort look night. The results are below.

Specs: Boots are Sam & Libby, knee high socks from Target, Fishnets from God knows where, Dress is one of those $5.99 tank dresses from H&M, aforementioned stained sweater is from Urban Outfitters circa 2000, blazer if Forever 21, and statement necklace is Zara. Moto jacket is my go-to Michael Kors leather jacket, and blanket scarf is Forever 21. Hat is from Istanbul street market.

This last pic truly captures how I feel about not living in the same city as Cindy. Me at the end of the night ready to go home and debrief with her over FB Messenger. #CallYourGirlfriend #CYG #MissYouGirl


Cindy’s final words

Why go out if you feel like crap? It turns out that I seek comfort and distraction in other people, after lying to myself about being an introvert for years—I’d rather spend time with good people than spend time sleeping, since I feed off the energy of everyone else. I also get a little bitter when people who haven’t had to re-make an entire social network as an adult tell me that I don’t have to go out if I’m too tired. Sure, I can choose not to go to the bar, and I have when I’m really not feeling it. But in the vast majority of cases, I’ll choose to suck it up, find something cute to wear, and enjoy what usually turns out to be hours well spent with good company (if the size of the hangover headache the next day is at all an indication of how much fun the previous night is).