Last week, Colleen had the Student Conference Blues. This week, I’m going neutrals, and in particular, beige. I teach online, and although my students have watched lecture videos and know what I look like, this was the first time we got to sit down (via the interwebs) and meet one-on-one.

I tend to shy away from neutrals because my hair is kind of beige and my skin tone is very pale, so wearing that color is just asking to be washed out. I chose gold accessories and a bright lip to brighten up the look. I wore one of my favorite drug store lips, Revlon’s lip Colorburst matte balm in “Standout Remarquable” (250).in   to offset my pallor.

Model lips (T) Lip balm (B). You can get find it at most drug/grocery stores in the U.S.

I wore my hair straight and severe because an old boss once told me that I looked much more “professional” with straight hair than when I wear my hair naturally curly. I realize that is totally fucked up and steeped in racist undertones to say the least, but I find myself straightening my hair when I feel nervous or the need to seem authoritative.Again, super problematic, and an issue I plan on exploring in a future post.

Since this was the first time meeting my students (in person) I wore straight hair, minimal  (for me) makeup (cover up, lip, brow, eyeliner, and mascara) and rocked my teaching uniform- button up shirt, subtle jewelry, and blazer.


Pro-tip: If you bleach and tone your hair, try not to straighten it very often as it will start to break. (note the baby breakage.) Also, moisturizing masks ARE YOUR FRIEND! Trust me, I used to work (as a receptionist) at a salon. 

Taking a break and actually caught myself yawning mid-selfie.

If you live in Columbus and are looking for style and color geniuses, I highly suggest my former colleagues at Lucky 13 Salon in Clintonville. Tara Loy does my bleach and tone and my cut, and she’s also the temporary guardian of my corgis in the U.S. while I finish my research. She can show you delightful pics of Angus and Gracie (my babies!!!)

I’ve also had Brett Jones work his magic on my coif’ for years. He actually brought me into the L13 family! Everyone is great though. Message us if you want more details. (Taneem used to work there too!)

End of day two of conferences makes me very happy.