By Colleen

In May, I will need to pack up boxes upon boxes of books and some clothes and fit them in my car to drive across the country. I will also have my husband and his suitcase in the car, so I will need to make some room.

I need to get rid of some things. 

This means two things:

  1. I have been culling and pruning. Goodbye little yellow dress that looks like a pineapple (too twee). Goodbye peplum t-shirt (you shrank a little bit so now you flare at the weirdest spot). Goodbye sweater that is so pilled in the armpits that if I were to shear it again there will be gaping holes!

I’m not religious but I have seen this Facebook post, about giving away forty items of clothing for Lent. So, I have gone through my closet and have removed 40 items, making sure to wash and donate anything that may be of use. 


2. I am going to visit my husband on my spring break, and so I am optimistically packing all cold weather clothing into my suitcase. All wool tights, cable knit and merino sweaters, thick scarves, gloves, hats, winter coats, and winter dresses will be packed up and several states away. This week is a “last hurrah!” for some of my winter wear. 


WINTER HURRAH OUTFIT ONE: If it’s not Baroque…

I love the Baroque print on this dress in a rich crimson and black  (TJ Maxx). To make the whole look more “Eccentric Professor 101,” and to play with the themes of the Baroque, I layered on my velvet blazer (vintage, my mother’s from the 1970’s), a matching/contrasting pink and tan leopard-print scarf  (gift; from Turkey); black wool tights (TJ Maxx); Doc Marten booties; green dangling earrings (bought at Epcot Center, because I lost my previous favorite pair of green dangly earrings and I was half-drunk in fake Morocco); and a vintage silver frog pin with emerald eyes (a harbinger of spring, I hope). 

SOTD: Chloe Intense: It’s a winter rose garden, with pink pepper, sandalwood and tonka. 


Orange. It’s one of my favorite colors to wear. It matches my hair. It matches one-third of the Irish flag (I also wear a lot of green). I am a walking safety cone at nighttime. And I never get lost in a big crowd of black quilted puffer jackets. This is, however, the real last hurrah for this winter coat–a little orange peacoat from Old Navy that I have worn for at least seven years.

The dress, in navy and orange, as well as the orange plaid scarf are both from the boutique Revival in Iowa City. Blue cardigan and blue tights are both from Target. I have no idea where or when I purchased the brown belt or the dark blue Chelsea boots (in fake suede).Copper bracelet and bronze earrings are both from Arts Festival booths (maybe, Rochester, NY and Columbus?). The navy and blue together recall the colors of the Syracuse Orangemen, and I am not a fan of any sportball but as a Western New Yorker by birth, maybe I am drawn to this popular color combination? 

SOTD: White Sandalwood by Nest (I feel it’s important to note that there is no orange or neroli in this scent, because my outfit might suggest otherwise. White sandalwood, almond, musk. It’s a warm, rich smell for a cold weather day.)