We are super stoked to have guest contributor, Rachel Miller, share her #OOTD with us. Here’s what Rachel had to say about her outfit.

My outfit was inspired by Ohio’s capricious weather patterns (I’m not ready to give up my black for spring yet), my horoscope sign (I’m a pisces), and a need to wear something that could take me from therapy all the way through my office hours today.

Here’s what I’m wearing: lavender duster from Forever 21; a death metal t shirt I picked up at rag-o-rama (I’ve been collecting ever since my bf gifted me his t shirt featuring Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osborne on their “Merry Mayhem Tour” of ’01, which he caught in Grand Forks, North Dakota); pin gifted to me by the cool dude who does the comics & zine ordering for Kafe Kerouac (it came in a shipment of zines they just got in!). All this worn over a basic black dress I’ve had forever + some ripped tights.”



12814131_10156799191910495_1615259795738529413_n.jpgRachel is a PhD student at OSU who writes and thinks about “cool girly trash”. You can find her on twitter @girlgutters and at her blog Trash Queens, where she reviews comics by women and girls (trashqueens.wordpress.com).