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On the Wednesdays that we do not wear pink, we wear black and white. This tradition started back in Fall 2015 when we were in the early planning phase of Sartorial Scholars. Flash forward six months later and we are still (for the most part) observing the B&W Wednesday tradition.

In preparation for next week’s Black & White Wednesdays round-up we are sharing with you creatures in our life who wear black and white every day. Yes, these are our real life black and white pets. Yes, they are perfect in every single way.


This post features Finnegan, the world’s most photogenic cat. That’s right! We just threw down the gauntlet. Come at us, cat bros! But for real, this cat is undeniably gorgeous. I mean, look at his “Caravaggio” pose.

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Colleen is staying with two other black and white critters, while she finishes up her Visiting Assistant Professor gig in Pennsylvania. Here are Davy the cat and Charlie the dog.

On first glance, one might think Colleen only surrounds herself with black and white animals (given the number of B&W critter pics she sent Sonnet for this post). That person would be wrong, because she also has precious Sophie (who will certainly be in future posts). Fin and Sophie currently live with Colleen’s husband Jay in Iowa, and Colleen will be reunited with them next week for spring break!


Since Dr. Husain is currently living without pets, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to imagine what Taneem’s pets would be if she had pets. Colleen suggested a Panda (for DC Pandas), and then Sonnet google image searched “black and white animals.” These are Taneem’s imaginary pets. Enjoy.

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The love of Cindy’s life is most certainly Gus the Great Dane.  Gus is currently living with Cindy’s mom while she works in Belgium. Cindy and Sonnet regularly commiserate over how much they  miss their furry life partners.

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Gus is the most polite misbehaving dog. If he ever has an accident or needs to throw up he kindly goes into the bathroom and does his business there. He is also a good sport and lets Cindy dress him up in ridiculous costumes.12807199_10105984855618180_1453302230_n.gif

According to Cindy, Gus goes by the following names: Augustus “Gus” “Gustavo” “Gussy” “GusGus” “Guster” “GUUUUUH-see” Johnson.



Let us introduce to you Chimp Travolta. Alex has allergies and cannot be in close living quarters with fur, so she has the delectable squeeze, Chimp Travolta. This synthetic lil fuzzy is more traveled than most of us! Alex adopted him from her sister after she rescued him from a grocery store in Venice. According to Alex, Chimp T “went to Padua with us on the way back to the States, and he went to Israel with me, and he went on a West Coast road trip, and then he’s been various places on the East Coast.” He’s also dapper as all get out with his lil bowtie.



12806312_10153934390677037_1802757233_n (1)Those who know Sonnet personally are well-acquainted with her undying love and affection for her dog, Angus. She even has a water color tattoo of him on her forearm. Angus is a tri-color Welsh Pembroke rescue corgi that Sonnet adopted eight years ago in San Francisco, CA. He is a gentle soul, but terrible at minding others that aren’t Sonnet (Taneem, Alex, and Cindy along with past guest contributors Brendan, Cyrus, and Tiffany can all attest to this.)

Angus and his adopted sister Gracie are currently living with Sonnet’s bestie in Columbus, Ohio, while she finishes up her field research in Serbia. They can be seen walking Tara and her daughter to school every morning in Clintonville. Angus shares bunk beds with Tara’s 11-year-old. He sleeps on the bottom bunk because  his short lil corgi legs don’t allow him to climb ladders.

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It is no secret that if asked to choose, Sonnet would pick her corgis over her significant other. Sorry bae, and thank you for not making her choose, bc you’d lose. #sorrynotsorry

Honorable Mention Pets- Sophie and Gracie

Since both Colleen and Sonnet come from multiple pet homes, we felt it necessary to mention our other darlings. Colleen’s cat Sophie is a dapper gal. She does #menswearMonday better than the humans. “Technically,” Sophie belongs to Colleen’s Husband, Jay, but she’s just as much CK’s as Jay’s.

Sonnet calls Gracie, her “unplanned puppy,” as her grandfather called her up and let her know he found a corgi puppy and was shipping her out to California nine and a half years ago. Gracie was Sonnet’s first dog, and she is the alpha to Angus’s beta. Gracie is a blondie, and once won a “beautiful puppy” contest when she was a baby. Yup, she’s in a coffee table book.