By Sonnet

Today I met one of my favorite humans (who also happens to be a badass feminist and has been a huge help to me and my research) for lunch and a chat at Radost Fina Kuhinjica, a new(ish) vegan, raw, and gluten free restaurant between the fortress and the river. For all you non-Balkan folk, lunch here generally means chatting for an hour over coffee, then apps, then tray trays, then zerts, and then another hour of chatting over coffee. All in all, you end up spending a good three hours catching up with friend and gorging yourself on delicious vegan, raw, GF food. (I feel so Goop-y in this post already).

I tried to dress cruelty-free today and wore mostly sustainable, recycled, and/or repurposed clothing (more on conscious consumerism to come). I also dressed for warmth and wore multiple layers because 48F IS COLD HERE AND I AM DYING! (#humblebrag #balkansarethebest)

Vintage emerald blazer, hand-me-down black treggings from my mom (The Loft), thrifted men’s gray sweater, H&M scarf, and Zara faux-leather loafers.


I mentioned I wore layers- here are two more for today’s look. I am wearing a sustainable navy cotton t-shirt underneath the sweater and a heather gray sustainable cotton overcoat sweater from Zara. My allergies are cray today, so I ended up wearing my glasses out. They’re from Zenni.


Our server’s look also needed to be captured- a crisp white shirt unbuttoned halfway down, and a clean and sleek ponytail (not pictured) going down his back. His beautiful hair and in-depth knowledge of the culinary arts reminded me of an English department friend of ours at OSU. (You know who you are, love.)