By Alex

It’s true it’s March, but that doesn’t always = Spring in the places I’ve lived–Indiana, Upstate New York, and Ohio. In fact, it could still snow and not be weird. However, yesterday was surprisingly warm, and today is downright DELIGHTFUL.

While listening to ‘Cole Porter Radio’ on Google Play getting ready for Downton Abbey watching, this Bossa Nova cover by Astrud Gilberto came on.

It was playing in my head all day yesterday, and only more so when I ran into friends (bottom) and a former student (top right) who were clearly feeling the spring-colors-and-button-ups vibe, too. I got some new spring tops Sunday from Target, including this light pink blouse I wore with H&M pants for #MenswearMonday.

I just thought the pink and green was so evocative of the beginnings of spring. We’re not quite there yet in Columbus–here’s the status of my rose bush–but there are bulb imageleaves pushing up all over, and I think I even saw a bud on a daffodil.

Completely by accident I discovered the hashtag #blueskyblooms today on Instagram, and I had to share it with you. I’d love to know how it started and how people found out about it–it’s almost 5 years old!–but for now, revel in some of the pics. They are like sunshine themselves!