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By Taneem

So, approximately 3592358 years behind the times, I’ve finally gotten a chambray-like shirt. As a girl with a curvy figure, it’s difficult to find button down shirts that fit me okay. I decided to forgo the fit problem by just getting a shirt that’s too big for me. That way, it wouldn’t have to fit like a button down is supposed to. This is a recent go-to phenom for me. Actually, in both of the outfits below, I found the shirts by searching through the sections of the thrift store I normally wouldn’t. If baggy shirts are in fashion, who’s to say they have to be your “size”.

Anyway, now that I’ve found this chambray shirt, and that the weather is getting a bit springy (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I’m finding myself wanting to wear denim and chambray all day erryday. Here are two looks from this past week, one for travel and one for my semi-professional-not-really teaching style.

Oh man, is it nice to have an actual full length mirror! This was my travel day outfit — in the airplane all day, I’m all for something put together but comfy. The shirt is thrifted (brand = Karen Kane, which I just looked up, and my god this shirt was a STEAL at 5$). Jeans are Old Navy, and shoes are Report. I LOVE THESE SHOES. I’m totally all for animal print as pop of print. Shoes work especially well b/c they are literally not in your face, and they aren’t an extra accessory to put on when you have to take literally everything off at the airport. Plus, these are even better/more ridiculous because they have a glittery toe. My sisters hate them. OMG they are on sale at DSW right now for 20$, link above. Go get them.

Day two is a lazy, springy teaching outfit. Sooo nice not to have to wear a jacket or tights! Living for this weather!! A lot of this stuff you’ve seen here before, which is one of the pitfalls/perks of the capsule wardrobe, something I still need to write about. I thrifted the shirt (brand = Sonoma), which is another “too big,” but works stylistically shirt. I also thrifted the jacket (brand = Heritage 1981, back when it was its own store). The skirt used to be a dress from H&M before I cut the top off (more on that later, I promise), shoes are Audrey Brooke, earrings were a gift (thanks Mom!), and cheapy sunglasses from our fave problematic store Forever 21 (which is also where the header image is from).

Anyway, moral of the story is that you shouldn’t feel pinned in to a certain size, especially if that size is “too big.” Currently “in” oversized sweaters, shirts, and shift dresses can easily be bought (for a lot cheaper and with a bit less problematic implications re: globalization, labor, etc — issues we’ll post about in a few), at thrift stores, if you look in sizes you might not normally think to.