By Guest Contributor Paige Quiñones


Today I’m wearing: a handmade (well, sewing machine-made) plaid cape, Bullhead high-waisted jeans (bought when I worked for PacSun), a black wool sweater from my high school days, Steve Madden boots, J. Crew gold hoop earrings, and a Lacoste tote.

I became obsessed with capes after finding one for around $90 at H&M and loving the 50s-60s silhouette. I didn’t want to shell out that kind of money, but after checking around online and finding only more and more expensive ones, I decided I would make one myself.

I bought the vintage Vogue pattern on Etsy and the fabric, liner, and buttons at a local shop, Dabble & Stitch. I suppose it’s arguable that I spent close to, if not slightly more, than the $90 H&M one. But I ended up supporting a local business (which is awesome, by the way—the woman who runs it is incredibly helpful and they have great classes and sewing/crafting supplies). I’m also very proud of my first completed sewing project, and it’s finally warm enough to wear! I’m hoping to make a good impression on a class of undergraduate creative writing students I’m guest-teaching today, and bring in an old-school look to discuss modern poetry.image

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Paige Quiñones is a 3rd year MFA student in poetry at OSU. By day, she works on her thesis, but by night she watches cartoons, makes tiny animals out of fabric, and naps with her cat.