By Alex

* The state of Ohio looks like a heart, so our reward stickers say “I Ohio Voting”

You may have noticed there’s an election here in the US.

Because Ohio’s primary is during the University’s spring break, I voted early today at the County Board of Elections. I was a bit worried–it’s way outside my normal city pathways, would they have my info, was I going to make it before they closed, would they be strict about something to try to discourage voters?   I’ve now voted 8 times in the 6 years I’ve been here, but the first 7 were at the little church at the end of my street, where the poll workers are wonderful neighborhood middle age and elderly people. It ended up being totally fine, (turns out same type of volunteers!) although I’m glad I had a friend with me.

Here’s what I wore on this rainy day!

J. Crew Outlet silk blouse, Old Navy Leggings, Eddie Bauer cardi, Target jacket, Gma’s pocket watch, Lands End rainboots I cut short to fit my expanded calves

I always dress red white and blue(ish) for Election Day! I am not into nationalism, and I have many critiques of our historical and current actions as a country and populace, but I know my citizenship is a great privilege. For me, voting is part of that, and is a right and a responsibility. Plus, as we know, I love thematic dressing.

I’m happy and privileged to have voted today, when so many people here and everywhere, and women in particular, remain disenfranchised. If you’re in the States, please vote in your primaries, or start registering for November, and asking your friends to register, too! If you’re an international reader, I hope you are participating as your system allows.

I went through my social media and found all my election day(s) outfits! Evidently today was the first rainy day of the lot. Starting with my earliest voting ‘fit:


Counter clockwise from bottom Nov. 2012 [Obama!], Feb. 2013, Nov. 2013. For a calendar year, this was my go-to outfit, although with different accessories and layers depending on the season. The shirt was H&M I believe, but thrifted, with that amazing peplum. The skirt is one of three (also navy+white and grey+yellow) I got from Pitaya when I started teaching in 2011. I got my first iPhone summer of 2013 so my pics improved!


May 2014

I have to say, I almost forgot this primary. I was leaving that day to fly to Boston to spend the summer with my then boyfriend (now husband) and had to run down the street, vote, and then get on the plane. I wasn’t thematically dressed, but I proudly wore my sticker in the airport.


While the two party system is very flawed, and the merits of working within hegemonic systems versus/and trying to dismantle them will always be an important debate, the history and challenges of attaining the vote at all carries great meaning for me personally. I was that kid during a 6th grade Greek history unit who raised my hand and said “well, it’s not really a democracy, is it, if it’s just land-owning men.” The right to vote for anyone not in that category is shockingly recent in the United States, and constantly under attack.1506992_10101946492086055_5177117914078125001_n

I saw this framed print in the Fall of 2014 at Tip Top Kitchen–I ordered a print from the Ohio History Connection immediately, you can get one here!

This postcard was part of the 1915 campaign of the Ohio Women’s Suffrage Association, founded in 1885. The OWSA was non-aligned but intersectional (before the term existed), with active African-American membership. I love everything about it, and the print is at the center of my gallery wall.

November 2014

I believe I’m wearing jeans here, because that was the fall of my pants-wearing content. This jacket is a sweatshirt-military jacket from Forever 21 (it’s getting culled, if anyone wants it…). In addition to showing off my sticker, selfies with the ‘voting today’ arrow is a standard. And red lips!

May 2015


Chambray! This Target dress is a solid favorite for summer (with pockets!) Jacket from Steinmart in college, shoes are G.H. Bass Outlet. Belt came with that striped skirt, above.





November 2015

906099_10102674209843835_6834206419558902780_oMore chambray/denim on denim in a Rosie the Riveter inspired outfit, head-to-toe Old Navy, Target bag, Nine West boots, and a very old bandana–I think it was my mom’s growing up!

That brings us up to today! If you dress(ed) thematically to vote, send us a picture and we’ll feature you in a Reader Roundup! Email us:, or find us on Twitter @sartorialschols or Instagram @sartorialscholars.

Cast off the shackles of yesterday!
Shoulder to shoulder into the fray!
Our daughters’ daughters will adore us
And they’ll sign in grateful chorus
“Well done, Sister Suffragette!”

I always think of this song when I vote. Here‘s a litte historical context for the actual complexity of the British Suffragette movement, referenced in this scene.