By Alex

While my default hairstyle in the last 4-5 years is a topknot, (used to be a french twist) I also try out pseudo vintage styles, and have gotten really into braiding as the braid trend has boomed in the last 2 years. You got a brief hair tutorial from me in my post on Downton Abbey/1920s fashion, but here’s one I filmed as we were starting to get this blog rolling. Bear with me as I get a good instructional demeanor, work on equipment, and figure out the mirroring on the camera!

This is the style we’re doing: using a scarf to add color, thickness, and fun to a milkmaid braid style (two braids crossed over the top of the head). From R to L, the night I came up with the style/showing you top view if you tie the scarf underneath | the night I filmed the tutorial (outfit) | the first time I wore it in the wild (outfit)

You need:

  • square scarf, folded into a long skinny strip OR a skinny scarf ( a tie would work) OR a thick ribbon–should be slightly longer than your hair.
  • two small elastics
  • Some bobby pins–it totally works without, but if you have layers you might need to pin here and there
  • Probably at least shoulder length hair, any texture–clean or dirty, but this is awesome for dirty hair!

I learned the day I wore it out that it needs to be tied tight or pinned down, or the whole thing will slide silkily onto your face while reading at the library.

I found an existing video for this style after I had filmed it–nothing’s new! There are soooo many fabulous hair tutorialists on YouTube. (I’ll do a post on that soon!) But if you’d like to see more from me, let me know!