Happy end of spring break (for Buckeyes)!!! For those who don’t follow me on Insta (@sonnetdg), I have been in Istanbul the past week celebrating my spring break. One of my favorite humans traveled across the world to have a not-so-dark, nor-as-creepy Spring Breakers-esque adventure (Turkey posts to come). 

We got back t0 Belgrade midday today after a week of eating ALL THE STREET FOOD in Istanbul. We were feeling puffy, bloated, gassy, dehydrated, and exhausted. The perfect state to be in when you are about to go to a Serbian dinner party, aka your average Balkan seven course meal.

I knew I had to come up with the perfect outfit that incorporated an elastic waistline, a loose and breezy (being the operative word) top, and another layer in case we go outside to join the hostess for a smoke (she smokes, I don’t). I also wanted to wear something that I wouldn’t mind getting smoky and that would allow me to play on the floor with a toddler.

‘Fit specs: tan Forever 21 Shirtdress (with sleeves, but check out Ann’s piece on DIY sleeveless shirt dress), olive tights (from a street vendor in Zeleni Venac), Zara cotton oversized cardi, Zara stone necklace, and Sam and Libby booties, circa 2013.

I call this outfit my “I want to look nice, because my hostess will appreciate me dressing up, but I also anticipate a night of gluttony, music, and playing with a toddler (who is darling, btw)” look. Yes, I feel about as bloated as that last sentence.

Testing out the stretchiness pre-dinner party

Our dinner consisted of a Balkan salad (cabbage mostly), a mixed slaw salad, two different types of cooked vegetables, two meat courses, two types of borek/pies (like spanikopita but better), giant sesame rolls, and SIX DIFFERENT DESSERTS. I think there was more, but my eyes started glazing over after my first meat dish. I wanted to take a picture of the feast, but that is poor form here, and also I get so annoyed when people take pictures of their food. (Sorry person who I love that takes pics of your food- you know who you are).

Stock photo image of “Serbian Dinner Party” to give you an idea of the multitude of food consumed tonight by five people.

The dinner was fantastic (Serbs truly know how to do family dinner), and the entertainment, aka my hostess’s 2-year-old grandson, was delightful. Best of all, we were sent home with doggy bags full of cakes and tarts.