By Colleen

Yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day! A day that allows some to perpetuate tired stereotypes! A day that others post relentlessly on Facebook that corned beef and cabbage is just as Irish as spaghetti!

Action Shot!

The  10% of the U.S. population with Irish ancestry (which is more than the entire population of Ireland), I believe, are well aware that the U.S. celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day is not the same as it is in Ireland. And so, I’m keeping the post apolitical and posting a few of my favorite Irish-themed (or at least green clothing) selfies.

A selfie at the very festive bar “The Gingerbread Man” for a pint after student conferences (Green dress: Target; jacket: Express)

Next year, I will be prepared to post about my favorite Irish writers, musical artists, and the rest. Thursday was a long day–teaching two classes from 9-10:45 and 11-12:25, then student conferences from 1 to 6:45 pm–so I didn’t have time to prepare my favorite Irish things.

In my Shakespeare class,  I did ask the bonus point Question: Who is Shakespeare’s only Irish character? Answer: (You can read an old post I wrote for the Shakespeare Standard for St. Patrick’s Day several years ago to find the answer.)

In British Literature 1, I played some of my favorite Celtic songs (both traditional and contemporary, and with artists from Ireland, the U.S., and Canada) in the background as the students did group work:

Read some shite!
Sometimes I like to take selfies in front of Irish-themed pubs, especially if the decor is questionable. This bar isn’t too bad, but there is another in town that I couldn’t even enter due to their snub-nosed caricature on the door. (Orange peacoat: Old Navy; blouse: J. Crew)
Antiquing with friends, I came across this Colleen-doppleganger (leprechaun?) doll. I obviously did not buy it, because it would’ve switched souls with me and I would now be trapped in its wooden body. (#Uncanny101) (specs:green jacket: Old Navy; green sweater:TJ Maxx?; yellow purse: sidewalk sale; evil leprechaun doll: Hell?)
Ohio Village living history museum. (Growing out a pixie + 99% humidity + No Irish need apply = unhappiness all around)