Back when I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, we had an annual ritual this time of year. Since my partner (at the time) and I were agnostic/atheists, there was only one way to celebrate Easter in our household and that was go to the annual Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s Hunky Jesus Contest in San Francisco. The contest is held annually on Easter (the non-Orthodox date) Sunday. Back when I used to go it was held in Dolores Park, but the contest/public mimosa drinking fest has moved to Golden Gate Park.


Since I do not celebrate Easter, and since I live in a predominantly Christian Orthodox country (who celebrate Easter on May 1st this year), today was like any other Sunday for me with one exception. I went to the small but breathtaking Salvador Dali exhibit at Kuća Legata.IMG_2851.JPG

In honor of the Hunky Jesus Contest I decided to hunkify myself and go full vampy drag with my makeup and Joan Holloway silhouette (or as close to one as a scrawny gal like me can get).

I also wanted to wear a bright print and color in an attempt to channel Salvador Dali’s use of color and whimsy. Lip is a Sephora lip liner with Eos lip balm; eyes are Urban Decay’s Smoky palette (Combust on lid, Whiskey and Password on upper lid and crease, and Thirteen on brow bone); Smashbox countour kit; Nars blush (Desire), and the brows are a combo of Aura pencil (dark brown) and NYX brow powder. I also used NYX setting spray in matte for the first time and my face lasted the entire day (despite the Belgrade humidity)!

‘Fit specs: Zara poppy top and pattern skirt, necklace from Forever 21, coat from market in Belgrade.

What I didn’t realize prior to going to the exhibit is that it was mostly pieces from Dali’s interpretation of The Bible in his collection of water colors entitled Biblia Sacra as well as Dante’s Divine Comedy and Inferno collection. How wonderfully appropriate for Protestant/Catholic Easter Sunday! The exhibit’s main attraction, IMO, was the 1978 oil painting entitled Gala’s Christ (the feature image), but there were so many gorgeous prints, paintings, and sculptures. Below is a sample of the many breathtaking pieces I had the opportunity to see.

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Final note, re: footwear. I have been loving my stacked heeled Mary Janes from Zara, but they are becoming a bit of a hazard walking the streets of Belgrade, which are pocked with potholes and crumbling steps. I must figure out a way to live in this beautiful decaying city and still manage to wear my 90s throw back shoes.