the specs: Uniqlo pink (!!!! not red; they’ve always been pink and will never be red) jeggings, Uniqlo polka dot buttondown shirt, thrifted Express blazer, Bocage booties.

“Europe” (i.e. Belgium and Western Europe) has finally caught up with other parts of Europe (i.e. Belgrade) with some spring (i.e. over 50-degree) weather. This is good news, because we have been seriously lacking good news in the last week. This is a loose interpretation of menswear for me—all it amounts to is wearing a blazer, but I like looking professional (I attended a talk) and hyper feminine at the same time. There’s something about reminding people that I am an academic and also a woman that I really like, not because I seek any kind of attention (please, no), but because academia in general tries to force you to be as non-gendered (read: non-feminine) as possible. Because serious academics are not concerned with their outfits or their gender presentation or their hair or their shoes. It’s all about the work.