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We are not, in fact, on our suit and tie shit for this #blackandwhitewednesday, (you might check out some Menswear Mondays for that), but we are ‘all dressed up in black and white.’ While this great Timberlake song could certainly serve as background music to your post perusal, I chose the SNL live performance because of the ridiculous(ly excellent) joy apparent in the performers and their physicality. Caveat Watchor: it might make you think you can dance (you can), wear a suit (ditto), and dress in black and white (please do! use #sartorialscholarsBWW on social media!)


Action shot! Writing pre-conference notes in my journal at a cafe

It was a travel day for me. Up at 4 am to catch a 6 am flight, I landed in New Orleans and spent the afternoon at a few cafes with one of my favorite people from grad school, recent Sartorial Scholars contributor Ann Glaviano.

I was in town for the Shakespeare Association of America annual conference, and I needed to think strategically for 1. traveling from cool to warm spring weather, 2. comfy, wrinkle-free clothing, 3. dressing relatively casual (since I knew I would be spending most of the day with Ann), and 4. knowing that I would see many of my colleagues as soon as I entered the hotel, so I had to transform to business casual (i.e. having a nice cardigan or blazer) before entering the lobby, 5. comfy shoes (lots of walking and NOLA has a lot of brick, cobblestone, and otherwise uneven walking surfaces).

Specs: The shirt, the only item you can see, is from Modcloth (For Letter or Verse Top in Ink, currently out of stock). I like it. It’s like a shirt that could be worn by either Wednesday or Pugsley Addams. It ties in the back and has a deep v-cutout in the back. SOTD: Paris by Balenciaga: violet and a metallic tinge compete playfully in this modern chypre perfume. (Not seen: I wore dark trouser style jeans (JAG jeans); black Mary Jane wedges (which were super old and literally fell apart on the plane ride back; RIP old shoes); Turkish scarf (gift from husband’s travels to Turkey, perfect for travel as a pillow, blanket, avoiding bad smells, etc.); a black cardigan (Target); black trench coat (Banana Republic). Also not seen, but nearby: Ann.) 


I wore this outfit last week to a screening of the Iranian film “Circumstances” held at the feminist lesbian organization, Labris. I was there as both a film spectator and a participant researcher.

Needless to say, the shirt was a hit, and the film was fantastic.

Specs: Graphic T saying, “Lord, give me the confidence of a mediocre white man,” is a quote from Sarah Hagi’s twitter post last year and I got it at Teespring. Sweater is from Forever 21, and pants are H&M.

Cindy (as dictated to Sonnet while they are currently together in Dublin): 

Sometimes a good filter accomplishes the job. IMG_7757-1.JPG


Giant bag shirt: Old Navy | pants: Target| shoes: EasySpirit | scarf: H&M

Today we were considering future alliterative Wednesday routines around here at SSs, and Taneem suggested “whatever wednesday if you’re in pjs all day.” Well, I barely made it out of the house last Wednesday, but I finally got myself out for an evening panel of the new Performance Studies Working Group here at OSU, and I’m so glad I did. I went for #pajamaswhenpossible SLASH ‘athleisure’ (is that what they’re calling it?). Basically, Sporty Spice Goes to School.  I got these pants this summer along with some other things when I was having serious health problems (maybe more on that later) and needed bottoms that were loose on the belly and inseam. I didn’t want to actually look like I was going to the gym though, so I put on lipstick, flats, my grandmother’s pocket watch I wear as a necklace, and a gold bangle.

Reader Roundup

Silas Hansen

“I accidentally participated in #SartorialScholarsBWW without even knowing it was happening!”

Kate Novotny Owen

“Learning to use Instagram so I can share my Black and White Wednesday look, inspired by the folks over at Sartorial Scholars. Modernity is hard; achromatic outfits are easy.” [follow her on Insta!]

See you next week!

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*Black and White Broken Heart pic was serendipitous street art I came across last week here in C-bus!