By Taneem

Guys, it’s finally spring. So, I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I’m experimenting with the capsule wardrobe, which other bloggers explain really well (see here and here). I decided to do this in the late fall, which meant I had the same “capsule” from late November until now. I added a few new things here and there — a bird shirt, purple/pink cardigan, and chambray shirt, all of which I thrifted — but overall, I pretty much stuck with the clothes in my closet. For four months. Four. Months. That’s a long time.

My thoughts on the capsule wardrobe are pretty ambivalent. I liked not having to shop, liking everything in my closet, knowing set combinations of clothes that I felt good in. I also hated not having to shop, having the same stuff in my closet, and knowing set combinations of clothes that I eventually felt boring in.

Said red blazer, which I was only able to wear with said leopard dress when I dressed up as “Dr. Taneem Visage” to judge a student-run drag show.

Yet, I’m sticking with it. Why?! Well, I think I have decision fatigue (#firstworldproblems), and tbh, I really like just grabbing something in my closet and not having to think about whatever stuff it goes with. I also like not having a closet stuffed with stuff I like, but goes with nothing (hi red blazer from tj maxx that looks great on me but literally matches with nothing else i own except for a leopard dress that I kept despite capsule wardrobe b/c duh). I also like not feeling guilty about said closet, and said stuff that goes with nothing that I never wear. Most everything I own now is pretty versatile. And although that’s very different than the dresses-only way I’ve dressed in the past, I’m starting to feel okay with that.

Plus, I’m feeling way better about the no shopping thing now that I’ve started shopping for spring!! Shopping is horribly cathartic. I’ve already determined my palette will be kind of similar to fall/winter, and very much like hi yes staples: browns and tans and golds, navy blue (adding chambray), and a bit of black and white (obvs). But, I’m also adding a bit more color, with pinks and yellows. And flowers b/c spring.

I’m also looking for pieces that are a bit more versatile work-wise. I don’t want to wear jeans everyday anymore. I want to feel more put together than that, and my spring wardrobe will hopefully reflect that.

I’m excited to go shopping (I’ve started already! Stores smell so nice!) and share my new outfits / clothing choices with y’all! A sneak peek of some of my choices (some old, some new) is above!