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Some of us started to exhaust our black & white cache of clothing, but we wanted to continue with (what Alex recently coined) as Wednesday Friends’ Day  fashions. We mulled it over a bit, and we decided on “Whatever Wednesday.” We are still sharing outfit ideas as we did on #OnWednesdaysWeWearPink and Black & White Wednesdays, but have given ourselves more freedom to be creative about how we approach this new theme.

(designed by Alex)

Our basic rules (so far): choosing an alliterative “W” and going with it.


I went for multiple ‘W’s–I didn’t know what I wanted to do until I looked in the closet that morning (see last week for a pie chart on my outfit planning). I find my brain goes rapidfire when we have a Thematic Dressing prompt; when we do #BlackandWhiteWednesday I see the juxtaposing colors everywhere; on Wednesday everything I looked at or experienced filtered into an alliterative W.

So I did two at once: #Wildlife/Wild Animal Wednesday, and Wiggle Dress Wednesday.

Coat: Ann Klein, Dress: Philip Lim for Target, Boots: Nine West, Belt: my mom

What I really like about Thematic Dressing (other than in this case the camaraderie) is that like any compositional prompt, it makes you come up with combinations you might not have otherwise. I’ve been wanting to wear this dress, but I would never have thought of the handkerchief, and certainly not the little bee, if it weren’t for the theme.

Clockwise from top left: I added a little vintage bee pin! | It was also #WindyWednesday–tried to show you the force of the wind here! | I almost wore my hair down…almost. | Close-ups of the animal prints | I also lined the inner corner and inner third of the bottom lash line for a more catty cat eye! This is a Nyx pencil I’ve been using a lot.

imageWhen I got home, around 1:00am. The temperature had dropped considerably, and it was raining. You can see my boot tips are soaked and I’ve buttoned/scarfed up as much as I could. I’m usually fastidious about being dressed appropriately for the weather and occasion; I hadn’t planned on being out, and outside, that late.

But, situations change. An afternoon gathering by multiple student organizations to air grievances against the university administration for lack of transparency turned into a sit-in inside the admin building. When I got online in the early evening, I saw the sit-in had begun, rallied around #ReclaimOSU. Like so many circumstances, it was the handling of the situation which made it worse; more than 20 police, many if not all armed, were positioned in the building, and by the time I arrived outside around 10:30pm the demonstrating students had been threatened with physical violence, arrest, and expulsion. I hung out with about 30 other students who were supporting the demonstrators from the outside, until around midnight the students inside were coerced to vacate for their safety. You can read full coverage of the evening here (includes link to student demands). You will find some familiar names on this Open Letter to the administration by faculty, staff, and graduate students. Student paper coverage here. I hope this inclusion doesn’t seem trivial; it was a very intense night, made more difficult bodily because of the cold and the wet, because I wasn’t dressed for it–and it showed me yet again the extreme labor and fitness required of activists.  I’m honestly in awe of the undergrads who know themselves and the world so well, and the faculty members who support them so completely. So, I don’t know, (w)RoleModelWednesday?


What a great exercise in flexing our “w”(or [w]) vocab, right? I was [wʌn]-day-off Wednesday because it turns out sometimes Wednesdays aren’t the most wonderful day for your weekly outfit pic. But a Tuesday after a good shopping trip is. Or maybe it’s rather Waterworld Wednesday since I wore the (perceived) color of water and felt like Kevin Costner in search of a decent role all day.

the specs: Warehouse blue shirt dress (holla, Dublin!), intimissimi tights, Sacha shoes, and jacket from H&M (holla #2, Dublin!)


Later in the post, Colleen details how Alex came up with this, but in honor of her, I decided to do Watercolor Wednesday.

Not only did I accomplish a W that we all initially were like … What does that mean, BUT, I got to wear the red blazer that I’ve previously noted I couldn’t match with anything! I DID IT. Because of Watercolor Wednesday.

The colors in this are bright, much brighter than what I’ve worn this winter — although I am including red in my spring capsule wardrobe palette, so I toned it all down with a grey scarf. Either way, the blazer makes me feel like Michael Jackson as a professor.

Fall in line, students!

Specs: Thrifted scarf (not sure of brand), blazer is philosophy, dress is Target, belt is from a dress from F21, who knows where I got those tights from, and boots are Nine West


I decided to do an inverted WW and do Mixed Metals. (Get it? MM for WW!) It was hot (28C/84F) last week, so I decided to wear my new H&M sack dress (from their “Conscious” line). The rust organic cotton pseudo tie dye dress served as an ideal canvas for mixing all my metals. (Sidenote: Cindy calls me a magpie because I love baubles and shiny things. You be the judge.)


I could have done more metals, but it was so hot and sticky. I stuck to wearing multiple earrings (perks of gauged ears + numerous holes), two necklaces, and multiple rings. I wore my favorite ring, my corgi ring from Cindy, because I miss my bubbas.

I decided to walk along the railroad tracks on my way to meet a friend for coffee. I was also listening to the new Jayhawks song “Ace” (which has faint train sounds in the background). Hence, this awkward train track selfie.



When we were mulling over ideas and initially decided we wanted an alliterative “W” day, we thought about a more focused approach. Then Alex came up with a great suggestion.

ooooh what about WatercolorWednesdays?! I don’t know what that means but it just came into my head… like Athena–fully formed

~~ Alex

So, that’s what I decided to go with: Watercolor Wednesday. (See also Taneem’s fabulous take on this idea above!)

On Wednesdays, I teach in a former dorm and discovered that the ladies’ room still has showers and fantastic green tiles!

It was an easy look for me, and as I sat in the automatic carwash the night before our new challenge I snapped a few pictures of the beautiful colors of the forced water and foamed soap on my windshield, and I realized how much it looked like a Monet painting or a depiction of the cosmos.

Details: carwash; carwash; Monet; Monet; Marc Jacobs skirt

Specs: navy cardigan (Old Navy); necklace (handmade, Ukranian, gift); green shirt (Old Navy); skirt (Marc Jacobs, thrifted obviously!); navy textured tights (Target); green shoes (Easy Spirit)

The whole concept of “Whatever Wednesday,” and especially the watercolor Wednesday looks reminded me of this scene in John Water’s Pecker: Art is Everywhere, indeed!

We’d love for our readers to share their #WhateverWednesday looks with us!

Make sure to tell us what your ‘W’ is, and what you’re wearing!

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