It’s that time of the week again where we share our favorite things of the moment. For many in the U.S. it is the end of the semester, and those of us in academia are starting to feel the anxiety creep up. Once more, for your procrastinating pleasure, escapism, or just to get hip to some dope s@#^, here’s what we’re feeling this week.


Yes, I am one of those stress balls right now. I am moving back to the U.S. in a little over two weeks, and that, combined with the end of the semester grading, student conferences, and life planning has got me buggin. Instead of eating well, doing yoga, and meditating, this week I am eating cookies, watching British reality television (TOWIE for life!), making outfits on Polyvore, and looking at all. the. internet. memes.

First, the red panda compilation that many folks might remember from 2014. This was sent to me in a moment of crisis and it made all the pain go away.

Next, Reddit’s Me_IRL (“Me In Real Life”). As with most things you find in the black hole known as Reddit, some of the posts on Me_IRL are offensive, stupid, and your run of the mill Reddit troll-y garbage. But others are so perfect. Like this one.

This recovery meme, because I need to be reminded that we all heal differently.


Finally, cookies- not the annoying internet programs that try to track you a la big brother to market you fertility treatments and aging skin creams (I’M ONLY 33 COOKIES! I DON’T NEED THESE THINGS!!!) No, the things you eat. Those who know me know that a good cookie is my ideal dessert. Forget your fancy French pastries or European cakes. Give me a plain chocolate chip cookie and I am a happy gal. This week I am pounding Milka’s Choco Minis. They are chocolate  and vanilla cream on a shortbread cookie and they are heaven. For folks in the U.S. you can usually find these at shops that sell European goods, such as the Mediterranean shop in (or World Market/Cost Plus).



Last week, while prepping a lesson plan for Hamlet, I was dressed apropos in all black. I was listening to the soundtrack for The Crow.* I was wearing my Docs. I was 1990’s Colleen.

So, this week I’m recommending a few 1990’s inspirations.

Basically me. But I was wearing black. And not on a plane. And maybe less drunk.
Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 1.26.24 PM
I cannot imagine what my teen years would’ve been like with social media.

First, guest contributor and dear friend, J. Brendan Shaw–who truly knows what I love in my pop culture life–sent me this perfect Tumblr: Fuck Yeah 90’s Drew Barrymore. It’s so hard to choose a favorite image! Drew really fucking loved daisies! And Guess jeans! And trying to look little girl lost and dangerous at the same time! And she was bff with Courtney Love! And buddies with Christian Slater!**

Then, I saw this listicle from Refinery 29 called “13 Times Hilary Banks’ Style Was Fresh To Death” (from last week). All her hats! The color blocked outfits! The blazers and fitted skirts!

Then, Bustle offered “What You Wore On A First Date In The ’90s, A Decade Of Hopeless Romance“: butterfly hair clips, brown lipliner, strappy tank dresses!

In January, Marie Claire reminisced in “The 30 Most Memorable Fashion Moments of the ’90s“: the “Rachel” haircut, X-Girl fashion, the reign of the Supermodel, etc.

Even as I type this, Mother Jones asserts that “It’s Time to Give the 90s a Rest.”Fuck you, Mother Jones; I just bought myself these new floral Docs. Okay, so the article is about politics & economics, but still…

New Docs!


*The Crow soundtrack is still so good! And, I was inspired to listen to it after showing a clip of Hamlet 2000, in which we see a scene from the shitty sequel The Crow: City of Angels (because it’s a revenge film, and Hamlet is not able to enact his own revenge plot yet… yada yada yada.) Okay, I’m listening while typing this…

** I’m seriously thinking of starting a tumblr (with Brendan) called Creepy Christian Slater. 

*** The slideshow below could have been 3 million images, so I stopped at 7 images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Oh gosh, I’ve been crushing so hard on One Tree Hill (streaming on Netflix). Yes, it’s worth it for how ridiculous and good it gets in seasons three and four. Peyton, go away. Brooke forever. No spoilers. I mean, I told you guys last week how much I ❤ chick lit. This is chick lit in TV form.

Role model. Brooke, are you a Scorpio too?


Last Friday I pulled a classic Cindy and lost track of the Belgian beer I consumed (actually, I know exactly what I drank which makes it even dumber). What I thought was alcohol induced laryngitis was actually an awful cold that has introduced a number of unsuspecting people to the intensity of my sneezes (I hope to scare many of you with them in the near future). Duty calls, though, and I managed to make it through two talks and various other work and non-work shindigs. But now, when the cold is finally releasing its grasp on my sinuses? Now I’m digging candy.

Crispy M&Ms. When Crispy M&Ms first came out, I was so full of hope. My favorite tastes, chocolate and crispy, united at last. And Orange, *the* Crispy M&M, is the neurotic paranoid M&M.

Amazing. Truly a well-rounded character in such well-thought-out comedic skits.

Except Crispy M&Ms were the absolute worst. The chocolate tasted … off. It was dry. I couldn’t get into them as much as B-list early ’00s actors, that’s for sure.

But now? Now they’re back for almost a year. And I will crush an entire bag in less than 24 hours because my tiny grocery store is out of chickpeas and I don’t have other dinner cravings. (side note: HOW CAN YOU BE OUT OF CHICKPEAS?! They have a shelf life of 2–5 years!)

Speaking of candy, do you remember how much Skittles wants us to enjoy green apple flavored candy? Fuck you, Skittles, for changing the green Skittle from gold (lime!) to shit (green apple).


Anyone who knows me knows I spend A LOT of time on YouTube. So does Buzzfeed. Between their 6 (as far as I know) channels, there’s a lot of content, and it’s gotten pretty good. There’s still some dumb stuff/filler, but by and large I love it. One of my favorite series they have is Ladylike–a varying cast of about six of Buzzfeed’s female creators who every week try something new together, usually to do with fashion or beauty. It’s irreverent, diverse, and excellent. “Lady Tested, Lady Approved” or, as they sometimes say,”Lady Tested, Lady ehhhhh.”

They’re pretty much all delightful, but I particularly liked this week’s “Same Outfit on Different Body Types” because a) it features two of my Buzzfeed faves, Freddie and Kristin (although I ❤ all the Ladylike crew) b) it features the great WhoWhatWear line, which Colleen and I both have stuff from, and which awesomely had every item in a huge size range (instead of not having Plus Size, or having different products.) This shows what bullshit it is when manufacturers say that’s not possible.

I think they all look pretty amazing in everything. Another fave is Women Wear Mom Jeans for a Week, which like some of the things we do on here, makes them all think differently about outfit composition. And because pants are sort of a new part of my life (ditto for Colleen and Taneem) it’s interesting to see other people negotiating that!

Also on the full-range of cool clothing docket this week: Sunday is the release of Target’s collab with Finnish design house Merimekko! I’m pretty excited, I think I’m actually going to go to the store opening day, which I haven’t ever done before. The weird thing is that while I want everything, it’s almost most dazzling all together–it’s hard to pick the one or two things I can afford (HOW IS IT ONLY THE MIDDLE OF THE MONTH?!) But I think it might be this caftan:

Unfortunately, I learned today from a friend that the plus size range is only available online, not in stores. That’s really not ideal, but I’m still really excited that Target has now carried two [way more] inclusive, well designed lines. Fashion For Everyone!

That’s all folks! I hope your weekend is as baller as this tablescape!

This week’s featured image comes from Ambivalently Yours!