I’m only a few weeks from returning home and to my lovely Lucky 13 Hair Salon family (where both Taneem and I used to work), so I am holding out on cleaning up this quaff until I get back tot the states. Subsequently, curly white lady hair + growing out pixie cut + humid and hot weather= Mega frizz and Mega anxiety about looking “professional” for student conferences.

We’ve talked about “professionalism” and how it often times governs how we present ourselves based on standards steeped in racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, cissexism, and classism. In other words, there is an unspoken code of how one should look in various professions (academia included). Many of our cisgender male colleagues do not  think about these questions because by default they are assumed to “belong” and are given the benefit of the doubt, re: professionalism.

For me, dressing “professionally” is a constant negotiation of wearing what I feel most comfortable in, and presenting a gender performance that maintains authority in the classroom. Last week I discussed my tattoos, the freedom I have to transgress particular dress norms thanks to a great department/discipline, and gender expectations. That being said, I always think about what I am wearing before I meet with students. Thus, to quell my unnecessary anxieties about my hair I dressed how I feel most comfortable when teaching- mixing feminine and masculine cuts, aka “Menswear” (or what I like to call “Sonnet wear“).

Monday- Meeting with a Belgrade activist colleague and student conferences

Specs: H&M sleeveless button up, vintage Banana Republic denim shirt from my pops, cotton sweater jacket from Zara, navy H&M skinny slacks. Necklace from Forever 21 and earrings from some piercing shop in Berkley circa 2007. Nude lip is Rimmel Kate Moss collection matte finish in Rosetto (45).

Tuesday- Interview with an informant, student conferences, and drinks with friends


Specs: Sheer black oversized button up from H&M (via thrift shop). I *think* my necklace is from Forever 21 several years ago, but I don’t remember. Lipstick is Urban Decay in Anarchy. Not shown: black leggings and Docs.

Wednesday- Student conferences 1:00pm-10:30pm Central Europe time (ah the joys of intercontinental teaching! <smiley face emoji>

Specs: Sheer pleated sleeveless button up from H&M (2010), wide-leg navy linen pants from The Loft (via my mom’s closet), and belt is Target. Lipstick is Nars “Grace” in matte. Shoes are platform Mary Janes from Zara.

Thursday- Student conferences, informant interviews, and yoga (which I ended up bailing on because it was raining and we don’t go out in the rain in Belgrade. #balkans)

Sidenote, this was my favorite outfit of the week because it is so unabashedly my style- nerdy, big, casual, androgynous, and polished.

Specs: Burgundy jacket is Anthropologie, white button up blouse is Forever 21, leather tie is from a street vendor in Belgrade, Skinny jeans are Gap, Gray Vans, and glasses are from Zenni (WHICH IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN WARBY PARKER, Y’ALL). Lipstick is Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in “Passion” (005). Shout out to my house plant and cacti in this pic. Love y’all.