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It’s getting warmer here in Columbus, so we are catching up with Sonnet’s Balkan temps, “Oval Beach” (the transformation of the main green space at OSU into essentially a grassy beach, see below, although that’s low key) is in full swing, and I am ready to be done with this semester. There is a great feeling of possibility with the sunshine and the warmth and the blooms, but also, for many of us here at Sartorial Scholars, an uncertainty (though excitement!) is in the air as the end of this school year signals major location shifts for almost all of us. The role of C-bus correspondent will shift to Sonnet, and we’ll still be scattered around the Western Hemisphere. For now though, we have Wednesday Friendsday, where we connect by (currently) dressing on an alliterative ‘W’ theme for #Whatever Wednesday. See last week’s here.


On Wednesday I slept late, missed group therapy, and only made it out of the house in order to go to a Performance Studies Working Group Event in the evening. Just being honest with you! Usually when I go to campus events (this was a workshop on a chapter by Professor Ana Puga, who’s working on a book on melodrama and Latin American immigration, very interesting) I try to dress up, but as I mentioned, I had barely made it out of the house, and was only going to be in public for a bit. Earlier in the day J. Brendan Shaw had posted his #SartorialScholarsWW, so I took my cue from him!

JBS: “What Sonnet christened my ‘What a boy wants Wednesday’ outfit. The hometown [Milwaukee] love shirt reads Miltown Hustler and now all I can think is “I’m a hustler, baby”

While JBS’ look worked as Sonnet’s fun name (see caption), and as Mil-Waukee or Wisconsin Wednesday, I took inspiration and expanded the theme to #MidwestWednesday. I grew up in Bloomington, IN, (Sonnet is a Hoosier, too!) left for college in upstate NY, and then came back to the Midwest for gradschool. I have pretty strong Midwest pride and love (as much as someone who is anti-nationalism and all it entails can), and I’m pretty sad to be leaving Columbus and the Midwest in general as I get ready to move to Manhattan to live with my husband (although obvs excited about that).

So this is what I wore. Specs: My “There’s No Place Like Home” Indiana state shirt I got at a music store in Bloomington, Old Navy jeans, TJ Maxx sweater, Target puffer vest. Lipstick (an absolute fave) is Revlon Shameless. My shoes are Adidas from Fall 2010–one of my best friends Emma has the same shoes; we both bought them independently over winter break that year!

R and Bottom, us at our dance concert after party, and the pic through which I learned of the serendipity!

Between Friendsday dressing, tapping in to my Midwest love, and wearing twinning shoes, I guess you could say this was the outfit equivalent to comfort food. It was just what I needed!


FullSizeRender-84Two more weeks, two more weeks, two more weeks. I’m howling in pain with all the grading coming in while still prepping classes; trying to organize for a move; finding time to visit Philly, Baltimore, & D.C. friends before I leave; and trying to sleep more than 4-5 hours a night.

Maybe it’s my nocturnal nature or a way to dress like I’m feeling surlier than I am (I love my classes and students, but by week 13… we all want it to be over) but I decided to celebrate #Wolfie Wednesday.

During my 2012 summer in London, I stayed with a really wonderful couple, Ali & Jim, in Streatham (direct train line to the British Library!) and they had urban foxes that would come into the backyard in the evening and eat fallen pears. I wasn’t to interact or encourage them, but they were very cute. Shortly after I returned, my mom–who knew all about my foxy friends (Swift, Anne with an E, Robin, and Marian, who was the mother fox)–found this dress and bought it for me.

Completely unplanned, but Sartorial Scholars guest contributor Rachel Miller also went “wolf t-shirt Wednesday” with an oversized vintage growling wolf shirt, blazer, and and ripped jeans. Two wolf-inspired looks that couldn’t be more different! My look is more twee (hey, that’s often my thing) and it’s just one way to wear a wild print into a classroom or office setting.

Rachel: “wolf t shirt Wednesday” (emoji celebration hands!)

Specs: wolf dress (GAP); blue tights (Target); blue cardigan (Target); belt (idk); shoes (Easy Spirit); lips: British red (L’oreal Color Riche)


  • The dress is “wolf” today (and is great subtle thematic dressing for Richard III or Merchant of Venice), but it may be grey foxes, too depending on my thematic dressing needs.
  • Related clothing: I also have a really cute fox printed button-up that I wear when talking about trickster figures.
  • Some wolf bands I like: Wolf Alice, Wolf Parade, Wolfmother, and Wolf Monday.
  • There are too many good wolf-songs to list them all, but here’s probably my favorite wolf song:


I spent most of last week conducting interviews and doing student conferences. I did, however, make it out of the house last Wednesday to enjoy a balmy summer day in Belgrade (85F). Since it was WW, I decided to reach a bit and go hella fangirl by doing a nod to Brittany Murphy’s style in Clueless. For my fellow cusp babies (Gen X/Yers), Clueless was our Heathers/Mean Girls/ High School Musical/whatever baby millennials find nostalgic.

So, for my fellow mega Clueless fans, I went meta this week. In particular, I played with what to do with a men’s button up over a shorts ensemble. See below clip to bask in all of Tai’s Clueless glory as she tries to style her shirt with her uber 90s overall shorts and top.

Like I said, it was hot that day, so I wore a white strapless cotton top from New Yorker, olive green shorts from TJ Maxx and my Dad’s denim shirt (vintage BR). Lip is NYX matte in “Summer Breeze”.

I spent the afternoon basking in the Balkan sun at the fortress reading Bitch Planet and eating krofne. Here’s a gratuitous fortress selfie and all the tulips in bloom.

We’d love for you to join in, and to share your #WhateverWednesday looks with us!

Make sure to tell us what your ‘W’ is, and what you’re wearing!