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Fuck 2016 for taking away so many artists. It’s only April and we’ve lost so. many. musicians. We are devastated by the news of losing Prince yesterday. There will be more Prince posts to come, but included in this WWD post we are also including our favorite (or one of our MANY favorites) Prince performances/tracks.

It’s Friday!!! This week, in addition to mourning the loss of Prince, we’re surviving the end of the semester (for Alex, Colleen, and Sonnet), a laborious course audit (for Cindy) and the last vestiges of winter (for Taneem) by indulging in a variety of coping mechanisms. This is what makes us happy right now.


Very little calms me as much as watching videos of bugs; bonus points if the bugs are somehow in conflict. Here’s an amazing video, I promise, in spite of the fact you have to look at some giant hornets. Just make it to the end.

Cindy’s Prince Song- Kiss



This week’s things I’m digging have a three intersecting themes: science fiction, feminism, and anti-racism in academia and entertainment. In my scarce downtime this week I read Volume 1 of Bitch Planet  by by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro. Now, I love comics of all kinds, but this series feels like it was made for me and all the other feminist, anti-racism, anti-colonialism, anti-homophobia, anti-sizism, and anti-capitalism activists out there. If you like super heroes that fight patriarchy and rebel against the criminal industrial complex (which in this case is held on an entirely separate planet), then this is the comic series for you. I consider myself a laywoman when it comes to comics and graphic novels. For some expert insight see the badass junior scholars at Ohio State doing work on feminism and comics- Rachel Miller @girlGutters and and Rocio Prado

Also, friend of the blog and aforementioned scholar, Rachel Miller, got me turned on to the Columbus College of Art and Design’s comic creation collective, Spitball. Here’s their tumblr site:

I am also hella stoked about a new book out by one of my department’s faculty members, Dr. Lynn Mie Itagaki, about the L.A. rebellion and civil racism. The book, “Civil Racism: The 1992 LA Rebellion and the Crisis of Racial Burnout,” came out in mid-March and it is SO GOOD. I also loved Dr. Itagaki’s interview on Rising Up with Sonali. You can listen to/watch the interview below.

Next, confession- I JUST started watching Orphan Black and OH MY GOD HOW AM I JUST NOW FINDING OUT ABOUT HOW GOOD THIS SHOW IS?!? I’m binge watching it when I should be sleeping but can’t (because I am going back to the States in a week and a half and thus anxiety is kicking in and taking over my brain). Orphan Black is about badass women clones (not too much of a spoiler), and unfolds as a female-centered, feminist murder and science fiction mystery. It is AH-MAZING. Watch it. Here’s Jezebel’s Tracy Moore’s description of the show, which is much better than mine.

Finally, I want to share something I am NOT happy about (in addition to losing Prince), and that is the whitewashing of Asian characters in films. This is not a new phenomenon, but is once more brought the the fore by the recent press photos of Scarlett Johansson playing Major Kusanagi for Ghost in the Shell, the anime classic. Many blogs covered the controversy last week, but my favorite piece thus far came from Nerds of Color’s Keith Chow does a news round up about this past week’s excessive whitewashing in films.

Sonnet’s Prince Song- AHHHH! WHY ONLY ONE?!? There are so many to choose from, but I’m feeling some sexy plus fashion right now, so Cream.

P.S. Pesach Sameach!


Omgggggggg. In my ever-long quest to find ways to put my hair up, so I don’t have to shower everyday, or depend on my curls lasting overnight, I FINALLY FOUND A SOURCE FOR UPDOS FOR MY THICK CURLY HAIR: Hair Romance. Dumb name, great tutorials.

I found it when I was looking for a fancier version of a ponytail. Wanted to class my pony up. It worked. Also, this tutorial for a side pony, something I always wanted to do, but was never cool enough for, worked. Here is picture proof, with me alongside the woman who runs Hair Romance, who I will probably know by name soon b/c I am obviously going to become obsessed:


As I mentioned last week, I’m a big Buzzfeed fan, and they have a new channel, Pero Like, that I’m pretty stoked about  so, in recommending it, I wanted to also tell you about some other sweet media covering Latin America/Latinxs ! I don’t identify as Latina (my family left Slain for Turkey before the Conquest, which is an interesting exercise in speculative fiction, like, in some other timeline…) but I do have an affinity for Spanish language because Ladino is a part of my childhood, and because I studiesd Spanish through college, and because I have a lot of close friends who are Latinx. PLUS I like learning about people and I particularly love engaging with media about cultural and political groups that are made by members of those groups.

Pero Like is a channel with a range of videos made by Latinxs on staff at Buzzfeed. They have a range of backgrounds and identifications, which are most interesting in their talk show kind of bits. But they also do comedy stuff, like this great one:

On the audio side of things, I want to recommend Alt.Latino, an NPR Music podcast/program dedicated to all things Latin music. I want Jasmin Garsd to be my best friend! Also fab, and new in my podcast roll, Latino USA. They cover representation, religion, incarceration, economics–absolutely everything, and always amazingly. I particularly loved Latino Heroes of Rock n’ Roll, which complicates our received rock history (maybe pertinent for today!). Finally, I want to refer you to the Planet Money episode on the Puerto Rican debt crisis. It’s a short listen about an incredibly complicated and important issue.

I leave you with my favorite Prince song, not only because of its amazing danceability, but also because it was one of the only songs on the Juke phone I inherited from my sister and had up through the first year of grad school!




Colleen is (digging)[in] the archives! She’s at The Folger Shakespeare Library researching and celebrating Shakespeare’s 400th death anniversary, and his birthday, too!

She sends us one of her favorite Prince moments, “when he stole the show from Jeff Lynne & Tom Petty for ‘While my guitar gently weeps'”