It’s that time of the week when we share all of the things we’re feeling this week. Since Lemonade dropped last Saturday night, we are including it and all of the glorious think pieces about Beyonce and her revolutionary album in our round up.

Here’s a quick and dirty round up of some of the think pieces on Lemonade from this week:


I cannot stop listening to all of Lemonade, but what keeps getting put on repeat is Don’t Hurt Yourself, Sorry, Freedom, and All Night.


In addition to listening/watching Lemonade incessantly, this week I am digging Belgrade so. fucking. hard. This is my last week as a resident in Belgrade, Serbia, and I am full of nostalgia, remorse, and all the love. There will be future “think pieces” about my work/research, activism, EU accession, the refugee crisis, and feminist activism in Serbia, but for now I will just list the things I love and will miss.

For those who are not familiar with the region, Belgrade was the capital of the former-Yugoslavia, and is currently the capital of Serbia. The legacies of socialism, war, economic sanctions, and a transitional political economy are everywhere in this city. There are a lot of misconceptions and assumptions Westerners (particularly Americans) have with Serbia, the Balkans, and Belgrade, and I’m happy to address all of those in future posts. To me, Belgrade is a Cosmopolitan space where intersecting histories, cultures, and politics make for an exciting, vibrant, (at times) worrisome, lively, frusterating, and phenomenal (as in a phenomenon, not millenial slang) place. Specific things I will miss:

  • My feminist, lesbian, and queer Balkan community
  • Kalamegdan Fortress
  • Some of the best goddamn graffiti in the world (yeah, I said it!)
  • Sitting for hours on the Waterfront talking politics (long after our one cup of coffee has been consumed)
  • ALL THE FOOD, but more specifically čevapčići, Bitter Lemon, štapič, pita s višnjama, čorba (any kind), fresh pickled veggies from Zeleni Venac, čopska salata (yes, I can recreate it in the States, but it is just not the same), and Serbian falafel (your standard falafel, but with pickled vegetables).
  • Just Yoga (social justice yoga)

Now pretty pictures of Belgrade.

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Lemonade. I’ve watched the visual album in its entirety twice–I’ve watched “Hold Up,” “Sorry,” and “Freedom” (in descending order–a lot more than twice). [I’m at the end of classes/beginning of finals week, so no time to read the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Lemonade think pieces…yet.]

I love the feminist revenge fantasy of “Hold Up” so much and I think I will use it in the future while teaching the great Jacobean revenge tragedies that center on a woman, her (often uncontrolled or unruly) desires, her sexual agency and (lack of) autonomy, her failed relationships (often not her fault), and her revenge–whether successful, thwarted, deferred, or failed. I’m simplifying a lot here, but I think the video would be a nice segue into John Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi and his The White Devil, Thomas Middleton’s Women Beware Women, John Ford’s ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore (and, of course, I could also play David Bowie’s song of the same title (well, almost, his is past tense), and, the ultimate “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” revenge tragedy: Seneca’s Medea. 

Prince. I’m still thinking about Prince. And it’s truly hard to get through and rank “the best of” tributes for someone who was the best. But here are just a few of my favorites this week:

And back to a “ain’t no fury like a woman scorned,” I’m super fucking digging Prince’s 2006 SNL performance of “Fury.” Starting at 3:28, he goes into a shredding guitar solo, and at 4:02 plays one handed while smoothing down his head wrap.  Serious.

Finally, in sillier stuffs I’m digging this week. This lady is alive and kicking at 109 years, and she shares her secret: ““That’s my secret, no men. And living off Jelly Babies — I eat a packet a day.” Key and Peele head to a pet shelter to promote their film Keanu and dub the shelter cats: Mr. Higgabonton Crumplier III, Passion Dachainwax, Guripantance Mouse Breath, Whiska Head, and so on.  And if you want to turn your dissertation into fashion, my friend and a kickass scholar of Latin American Mexican history, suggested this Kickstarter project, which will allow customers to create a custom literary scarf.


Since today is International Dance Day, it’s apropos that what I’m digging this week is dancing. I mean, that’s roughly true always, but extra-especially this week.

imageMy friend and colleague Quilan ‘Q’ Arnold has been teaching Hip-Hop and House classes this semester on the weekends, and I kept meaning to go, but between depression, injury, and ‘I’m old and out of shape’ syndrome, I didn’t. Two weekends ago, after an amazing night out dancing to funk and New Jack Swing, I woke up on Saturday feeling ready to do it. And I did! I had to modify some stuff and realign my hips every now and then, but I did it. It was my first dance class in over a year, which is crazy compared to the ~20 hours/week I danced in undergrad, or even the twice a week classes I took for most of my grad school career. Last night he hosted two classes, performances by his OSU Hip-Hop I class, and a dance party after. I’m sad he’s leaving (graduation! the future!), but the community and skills he built while here are amazing. I ache all over, but it was so worth it!

Of course I dressed for the occasion–leggings (that’s cool now! when I first started, and especially when I was sessioning with the Cornell B-boy crew, that was not a thing!), a flannel, my patent leather chucks (with scrubbed rubber!) and this amazing shirt, which I felt gave me +20 power walking through the city. I don’t know if you can tell but the circle is metallic! Plus, $ goes to PlannedParenthood!

I obviously am also drinking the Lemonade, so here’s me after I got home after dancing for 4 hours and feeling in my body and in the bounce! I’ve got”Sorry” and “Hold Up” on repeat.

You may have seen there’s a new dance craze/meme/video genre: #RunningManChallenge. This Washington Post article does an awesome job digging into the history, understanding the Internet, and totally getting the genrefication through replication&discourse (something I write about!) So, I’m digging the craze (although I agree with others I wish it were named something else), the coverage, and this: an interpolation into a line dance at class last night!

Taneem is in too-much-semester-left-to-dig-things world (although we converted her to Bitmoji!!!), and Cindy is in Venice–she sends this missive to us all:

“Cheap wine in the sunshine”

Have a great weekend! Stay tuned for more Lemonade coverage next week as we reveal what we wore for #WednesBey and show you how to play with some of the couture video looks on a young scholar budget!